How to become physically strong?

So you want to become physically strong. I don’t talk about you having six-pack abs or a big muscular body. Here, we can find out what real health is all about.

What is Physical health?

Health is more abroad term than it looks simple. Your overall health depends on many factors but in this article, we are talking about physical health. It simply means that you have not any disease in your body that you called healthily. But it’s not completely true because there are two more important factors that connected to each other for healthy living like mental health and social well-being. The first one (physical) is the core of all of that. So, we are talking deeply about that below.

Here are the two methods :

1. Diet

Drink enough water.

water glass

What does it mean to drink enough water? Do you know how much you should drink water daily? If yes then comment to me or If no then you will learn below.

  • Here is the chart which represents how much water you should drink daily by your age group ;
  • Infants (6-12months) – 800ml
  • Children(1-3 years) – 1200ml
  • Children(4-6 years) – 1600ml
  • Children(7-10 years) – 1800ml
  • Boys(11-14 years) – 2100ml
  • Boys(15-17 years) – 2500ml
  • Girls(11-14 years) – 1900ml
  • Girls(15-17 years) – 2000ml

Adults (Males/ Females)

  • M/F(18-29 years) – +2500ml/2000ml
  • M/F(29-59 years) – +2500ml/2000ml
  • M/F(60>) – +2500ml/2000ml
  • Pregnancy- +350ml
  • Breastfeeding- +700ml


What is nutrition?

Nutrition is the study of the effect of the drink and food on our body internally and externally.It generally observes that how physiological and biochemical processes made the human body tissues by energy privided from the food substances intake by the individual. These minerals are the source of energy:- carbohydrates,fibre,vitamins,fats and proteins. Good Nutrition is what, in which, all the nutrients are in balanced amount in the healthy food with suitable combination .
  • Nutrition is should be balanced by a large variety of foods. These foods have to contain a sufficient amount of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and the right amount of water.
  • These such nutrients are finds in daily food intakes like:-
  • 1.Grains provide carbohydrates in the form of starches. They also contain some proteins that are suitable for but, seeds, dairy, or meat. Half of the grain category should be from whole grains which are the source of fiber and vitamins also.
  • 2.Vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Many vegetables such as potatoes contain carbohydrates and protein, which needs to be eaten with another protein food to be completed.
  • 3.Fruits contain many vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They also contain natural sugar. These fruits also can take in the form of juice.120 to 180ml fruit juice is similar to one serving of fruit. Actually, the more you drink fruit juice leads replaces the other nutrients with sugar which is harmful to your body so one should have drink juice within the limit.

Dairy products contain complete proteins, many vitamins and minerals.

2. Exercise

Bodyweight exercises

Exercises are the best way to become physically strong on the outer core and inner too. Bodyweight exercises are the basics of bodybuilding and fitness like pushups, pullups, and situps, etc. Develop a habit to exercise or play a game you like the most. It gives you more benefits than you desired.


These are very basic bodyweight exercise which builds both upper-body and core strength. There are many types of pushups. Some steps to do it :

  • Get on the floor, positioning your hands some wider than your shoulders.
  • Extend your legs back so that you are balanced on your toes.
  • Keep your body straight from shoulders to legs without arching your back.
  • Keep a tight core and tight your chest during the pushups.
  • Inhale slowly when you bend your elbows and lower yourself until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle.
  • Exhale when you begin contracting your chest muscles and pushing back up through your hands to the start position. Don’t lock out the elbows; keep them slightly bent.
  • Repeat it again and again until you’re done or as your limit.

During the pushups, you should avoid some common mistakes like sagging in the middle, neck alignment, locked elbow, putting one side weight.


This is the most beneficial exercise for you back and chest at once. Some steps to do it:

  • Jump and hang on the bar at the gym or park or anywhere you can.
  • Now pull yourself up with your arms until your chest almost touches the bar.
  • Be aware that you are pull up with your chest and keep your shoulders for avoiding some kind of injury.
  • Then slowly lower yourself and repeat it until you’re done or as limit your limit.

Pullups are challenging to do right but they have many benefits like they are workout so much, mood swinger, stress reliever, Serotonin, Testosterone booster, enhance your grip strength, Increase overall strength loses weight, make your back stronger, etc.


If you want physically strong body then you should work on internally and externally as same priority. In starting things are little bit different for you, It is possible that you dont do it but as much you can practice you are closer to your desire dream.

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